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About McKinsey

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm. Our clients call on us as trusted advisors to help solve some of their toughest and most critical challenges. Our mission: to help leaders make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in performance and constantly build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people. We encourage our people to follow their passions and we support the world's leading social organisations to develop and institute solutions to chronic and complex issues.

How we work

We have enduring relationships built on trust, transparency and ambition. The help we provide can range from giving an honest opinion of a situation to embarking on a collaborative journey of change. Here at McKinsey, we thoroughly enjoy and believe that the breadth of our experience is one of the great things we bring to the table. Our work crosses industries and functions and we believe that the leader of tomorrow needs to be good at private, public and social sector work.

Our greatest asset is our people and, in true celebration of diversity, they come from all types of backgrounds. This diversity gives us the range of expertise and insight to seek keen and innovative solutions to our clients’ problems. McKinsey consultants may have been academics, doctors, economists, classicists or even Olympians - whatever their past experiences we value them. What we do have in common is a passion for problem solving, personal impact, achievement and leadership. Often McKinsey consultants find that they become increasingly passionate about certain topics as they progress through their career. Whether developing the financial industry, advising international governments on the water crisis or helping the social sector better achieve their goals, we encourage this journey of personal development.

McKinsey and the social sector

McKinsey's Social Sector Office helps the world's leading organisations develop and institute solutions to chronic and complex issues. Our work spans more than 50 countries on six continents, addressing economic development and philanthropic, health, education and climate change needs. We are committed to leveraging our broad experience to support and advance the missions of these social organisations.