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How do I apply?

Applications for 2017 are now open! Send us an email at with your answers to the questions below to apply! Make sure to also include the names of all your teams, your universities and courses of study, and year of graduation!

First Round Questions: Applicants will be asked to provide the following for Round One

A 5 sentence executive summary capturing your idea, and answers to the following questions (max 150 words for each answer to each question)

  1. What is your social enterprise idea and what social need is it targeting?
  2. What social benefits do you believe your venture will generate?
  3. How will your venture make money and become sustainable in the long term?
  4. How is your team structured and how do the key strengths and weaknesses of your team help you meet your goals?
  5. If you won McKinsey Venture Academy, what would you anticipate as the key next steps for your venture?

What we look for in Round One: Judging Criteria

  1. Opportunity and Need
    A description of the factors below at a high level:

    • The social or environmental need
    • Customers
    • Revenue generation model
    • Size of the opportunity
    • Feasibility, given the current social and economic climate
  2. Social Impact

    • Clearly identified social impact
    • A plan for how to measure and evaluate the impact
  3. People

    • Team members have relevant skills and experience (e.g., planning, execution, technical)
    • Demonstrated commitment to the project
    • Clear and compelling communication
  4. Execution

    • Initial thoughts of a plan for milestones and deliverables
    • Potential execution challenges identified
  5. Sustainability

    • The idea provides a sustainable and scalable solution to the social need identified

Note: a max 150 words per answer.

More details on subsequent rounds will be provided to successful teams.