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How do I apply?

Applications for McKinsey Venture Academy 2019 is now closed! If you have missed the deadline, we do encourage you to submit your idea next year. 

First Round Questions: Applicants will be asked to provide the following for Round One

Understanding the opportunity

  • Pitch us the one sentence summary of your company’s awesome mission. (50 words)
  • What is the social problem you’re trying to tackle? What’s the scale/depth of it? Who is affected? (150 words)
  • How will your idea make a real dent on the problem? (150 words)

Planning for change

  • What excites you about your approach? Why is your solution unique? (150 words)
  • How is the social problem you’re tackling addressed today? What are the shortfalls of the current solutions?  Why is NOW the right time for your solution (150 words)
  • How do you intend to thrive? If relevant, what have you tried so far? (150 words)
  • If all goes well, what will the business look like in 5 years? (150 words)

Making it happen

  • Who is on the team? Why are you the right people for this? How far will you take this forward? (150 words)

Note: a max 150 words per answer

What we look for in Round One: Judging Criteria

Potential social impact

A clear mission statement

A defined social problem you want to impact and a clear understanding of the scale of the problem (your addressable market)

An articulation of how the solution impacts the problem in a scalable way

Company feasibility and Innovation

Belief of the unique value of your approach and how it differs from current solutions

Clear understanding of why now is the best time to launch / scale this solution

An idea for how your business will thrive

Vision for what the business will look like in 5 years

Team and Execution

Skills, energy and commitment of the founding team to realise this solution

Credibility of the roadmap ahead

Subsequent round details and criteria will be released to successful teams of each round.