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Meet previous winners!

2018 First Place -  Carbon2Carbon

Carbon dioxide is the most dominant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, posing potential threats to Earth’s environment, mainly due to its greenhouse effect leading to increase in global temperature. Carbon2Carbon aims to reduce the production of the CO2 gases via a cost efficient and simple way of filtering out the CO2 gas via a thin graphene membrane attached to the exhaust systems and storing the gas via geological structural storage. The membranes synthesised in the lab has shown excellent performance on CO2 capture, and compared to the current CO2 capture systems, our membrane can be operated at room temperature with no chemicals required and showing much higher capturing rate. Our team is composed of three PhD students at UCL, focusing on the research of carbon material for energy and environment. Team next steps will be focusing on the commercialisation and multi-fictionalisation of the product.

2018 Second Place - Matoha Ultrascience 

A bottleneck to efficient plastics recycling is the identification and sorting of plastic waste. Current solutions are large and expensive machinery, which are simply not viable for developing nations. The Team had developed a functional instrument that can accurately and rapidly identify plastics. It is a miniature, robust and accessible scanner (similar to a supermarket self-checkout point) which tells the user what polymer a piece of waste is made of, thus allowing further processing of the plastic.

2018 Third Place - Visual Cognition 

The Team are improving the internet for the 250+ million people with visual impairments. They rely on a screen reader to use the internet, which describes what's on the page. When the screen reader comes across an image it has to rely on the "alt-tag" to contain a description of the image. These "alt-tags" are missing for the vast majority of the internet, such as any user-uploaded content including Twitter and LinkedIn, causing frustration and confusion. The Team had built a product which uses machine learning to generate the alt-tag descriptions as you browse the internet and works with all existing screen readers on both Mac and PC.

2017 First Place - ThinAir

663 million people currently do not have access to clean water. By 2030, this would have risen to 40% worldwide. When water shortage occurs, agriculture is one of the first industries to suffer. There is a significant demand for a sustainable, clean source of water for agriculture and human consumption.

ThinAir have designed a highly efficient biomembrane that collects water from the air. It combines principles already used in nature, with material science to create a surface, on which water rapidly condenses. It will supply clean water at high efficiency, with no energy requirement. ‘Simply put, water from thin air.’

2017 Second Place - Aurius

Our venture idea revolves around providing affordable hearing aids to people, in an attempt to disrupt the market in such a way that the quality and pricing of our product will make traditional hearing aid providers reassess their pricing strategies.

There are two main attributes that differentiate our product from competitors. Firstly, we have created a low-cost, high-quality hearing aid. This is so as to allow the maximum amount of people access to the highest quality hearing aids. Secondly, we are creating a piece of software that allows the user to tune their hearing aids at home, effectively negating upkeep costs

2017 Third Place - CleanCare

Our team met at medical school and was united to improve outcomes for patients. We are all passionate about the NHS and improving the healthcare service in which we work.

Our idea is simple; we want to reduce the number of people who develop infections whilst in hospital. The best way to do this is to encourage staff and visitors to the hospital to sanitise their hands. Our device ensures everyone who sees patients has clean, safe hands.

The single most exciting moment of our journey was seeing our prototype working for the first time. We know we have a long way to go but are excited and motivated for the future.